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Description: The features and bugfixes in our new versions.

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« on: January 21, 2014, 01:34:36 PM »


1- Perchannel BuffExtras module (You can enable/disable BuffExtras individually for each channel).

2- LOC module (You can set your LOC info via IRC commands or web interface).

3- Using a verified ssl certificate for our znc and webinterface.

4- Users can not part our main channel.

5- Users can not edit the server list.

6- A new favicon for the webpage.

7- Using our banner in the webinterface.

8- Showing our version in the CTCP reply and in the web interface.

9- Added support and changelog texts to ZNC web interface.

10- Made the ZNCAdmin module (Not usable by the users).

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Re: Changelog
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Integrated in ZNC version 1.4


1- Users can not remove networks.

2- Auto reconnect after setting LOC.


1- Empty server list for users would cause ZNC crash.

2- BuffExtras was not enabled automatically after joining a channel.

3- LOC text boxes would be shown on the web interface if the module was not loaded.

4- LOC would complain about special characters in password.

5- Limited the LOC textboxes length.
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